As a Scottish Photographer based near the central belt, I have always been lucky enough to have amazing wildlife on my doorstep yet have had the flexibility to travel and photograph superb wildlife further afield. I’m not really very good at writing about myself but here goes…

My interest in the natural world goes back as far as I can remember with my grandad’s knowledge of birds and visiting badgers. I am now lucky enough to have those same badgers on my very door step. They are a bit of a work in progress at the moment but it is always nice watching them.

My career into photography was not a natural route, I began my working career with horses as a rider and then an event groom and finally a freelance groom. Due to various reasons I had to give this up as a career but on occasion I do still like to do the odd bit of freelance work. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time at the local stables as a child, I learned very quickly to recognise behavior patterns and behavior is still a great interest for me today. This interest also lead to studying an MSc in Equine Behavior, Welfare and Rehab which I hope one day to have enough time to complete!

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Whilst working within the industry I took a lot of event photos just as a pastime, this then lead into landscape and wildlife photography. Naturally, I would enjoy just watching or working with the wildlife even if I didn’t have a camera but I do strive to do something a little different, to try to show the behavior and communication of the species. I would like to think I am trying to capture an insight into their secret lives.

I do openly admit to also liking a bit of portrait photography and do work as a full time photographer including weddings, portraits and newborns. However when i get a chance, my passion with portraits is in capturing a story or a concept and this is what I’m hoping to work on from now on.

Having not long returned from the Falkland Islands,  I find I have been plagued with the travel bug. With my passion for Sea Birds and unusual species the trips I have in planning for the next many years include the, Antarctica / South Georgia and the Galapagos Islands for the variety of spectacular species.

I spend a lot of my time enjoying volunteering both as a photographer for the RSPB and just giving my time on projects, this is both fulfilling and very enjoyable to be involved in.

My business is built up slowly to ensure that I can provide well researched quality workshops, locations and suppliers for my clients.

Thank you for popping by my site, I hope you enjoy x

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